Against the Storm Reaches 500K Sales- Introducing Overhaul

Raining Sales 

The rainiest world possible is getting quite the population. In fact, over half a million players are now weathering the eternal storms of this city-builder. That’s right,   Eremite Games and Hooded Horse are proud to announce that their RTS city-builder, Against the Storm, has sold over 500,000 copies globally and is happy to share exciting news about the game. In addition to this massive milestone, the game is receiving a complete overhaul that will change Ancient Seals, Viceroy’s Caravans, and World Events. A press release delves into more details about the game’s overhaul. Additionally, patch notes about the “Cycles Reforged” overhaul update go even more in-depth about all the changes coming to the game. 

Against the Storm

Against the Storm places players in control of a shining city amidst a world of darkness and routine storms. Of course, it falls upon the player to ensure the city thrives. Through researching new technologies, developing their settlements by leveling up buildings, and even exploring the environment around them, players will defend their city and help it weather the storms. Importantly, learning to harness the land around the city is a key aspect of ensuring victory. 

Of course, with the milestone of 500K sales, the game is getting an overhaul. Ancient Seals now allow players to unlock mystical powers to keep the storm at bay. Viceroy’s Caravans change the gameplay to include expeditions. Additionally, World Events are now making the world feel even more alive with new mechanics. More information is available in the patch notes.  

Against the Storm is available now on Steam Early Access