Against The Storm Introduces Fantastic Foxes With New Update

A Foxy Update for Against the Storm

Everything in this world is at risk of getting soaked in never-ending rain. This includes the world’s new fox friends, who share a deep connection with the forest. Today,  Eremite Games and Hooded Horse are happy to announce the release of the newest update for their fantasy city builder, Against the Storm. The update, titled Sentinels of the Forest, introduces the game’s fifth species to the world. Of course, a press release provides more details on the update and the game itself. Additionally, an update trailer shows off everything that’s coming with the update. 


Against the Storm places players in control of a shining city amidst a world of darkness and raging storms. Importantly, players will need to build their settlements to withstand the storms. Construct and level up new buildings, explore, defend yourself, and discover secrets. The land is home to many different biomes, species of citizens, and mysteries to explore. Importantly, the land around the city is wild and untamed. Learning to harness its power will grant the city with resources and more. 

The Sentinels of the Forest update introduces the newest species to the Against the Storm world. Interestingly, the foxes are closely connected with nature and specialize in scouting and working with rainwater-fueled technologies. The foxes are also bringing five new distinct buildings to the game. Of course, players can get a look at what awaits them in the update with new trailer. 

Against the Storm is available now on Steam Early Access. Currently, the game is available for 25% until April 27.