Humble Bundle Raises a Lot for Ukraine

Stand for Ukraine Raises a Lot for Humanitarian Aid

There has been a lot of help for humanitarian relief for Ukraine., the indie game platform raised funds with their platform; Fortnite has been raising an absurd amount of funds with their Chapter release, which is still ongoing. And Humble Bundle has finished its fundraiser, with a lot of money raised.

From March 18, 2022, to March 25, 2022, Humble Bundle, with its collection of 123 games, novels, and other media, with the help of 473,903 bundles sold, has raised $25,910,374 CAD. All proceeds will be given to the following charities: Razom for Ukraine, International Rescue Committee, International Medical Corps, and Direct Relief.

While it is difficult to say whether this is the biggest fundraiser for Humble Bundle or not. But, it’s likely pretty up there, in comparison to recent fundraising history. The  Conquer Covid-19 bundle raised  $6,565,660.79 with 208,528 bundles sold; Fight for Racial Justice raised $4,385,310.63 with 134,087 bundles sold, and Australia Fire Relief raised $1,841,545.18 after selling  68,114 bundles.

Of course, part of the success can be taken to the high minimum price for the Stand for Ukraine bundle, which had been about $40 US. But it might have been also the fact that this has been a highly public event with a lot of publicity and people in need.

But, the total cost of the games was well over the minimum price, making the bundle a steal. Some of the games that had been part of the bundle were the three Amnesia games, Super Hot, Back 4 Blood, Quantum Break, among many others.

humble bundle

According to the Humble Bundle website, they have raised over 200 million in charities so far. They have donated to not only the charities above, but to Girls who Code, Special Effect, Make a Wish Foundation, among others.

Many other companies have stepped up as well in the last few weeks, including Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. We will have to see if there will be other bundles or fundraising in the gaming community for Ukraine’s humanitarian aid.