How To Win Roulette: Top Winning Strategies For Roulette

Whether you’re a diehard casino lover or just a novice who wants to play their first game, you must have heard of Roulette. It’s one of the most popular casino games in the world. Introduced first back in the 1700s’ Paris, the game soon became a classic casino game among the players. Now every casino, whether online or offline, has at least one roulette table. Playing roulette is easy and fun only when you know all the best winning strategies. In this article, we will give you some of the best winning strategies for roulette.

What is a Roulette Game?

Also known as the “queen of casinos”, Roulette is a flower-shaped game. The roulette game itself is quite simple, there is one large wheel in the middle of a table that has 37 pockets with numbers ranging from 1-36. These 37 pockets are colored in red and black alternatively, and one pocket with the number 0 in it that is colored in green.

Usually, 1-8 people can participate in this roulette game. The player numbers are limited due to the limited number of chip colors. Players have to place their bet before the dealer calls off all the bets and spins the wheel. Although the gameplay is easy to understand, there are many factors that can affect the game and increase your winning chances. A pro player will always know his best winning strategies for roulette.

Top Winning Strategies For Roulette:

1)   Flower Bet Method:

This is one type of betting method where you choose one number and place your bet in 9 places surrounding that number. It is a very popular betting method among beginners. Although it has a low hit rate of only 24.3%, the method has the maximum dividend of nearly 144 times, and that is a characteristic strategy.

2)   2 Columns/2 Dozen Method:

This method lets players bet on a total of four places: “2 on a column bet and 2 on a dozen bet.” It’s also one of the popular winning strategies for roulette among beginners. With this method, you can play for or longer. The dividend rate is much higher, about 85%.

3)   Bear Big Method:

Although the Bear big method is a little difficult to grasp and betting has minor complexity, it is still loved by beginners and Pro players as well. In this method, you place bets in 35 places with a straight bet out of the 37 numbers of roulette. This method has an even higher dividend rate of 94.5%.

4)   W Street 5 Bet Method:

The next on our list is the W Street 5 Bet Method when players place their bets on 5 rows out of 1-36 inside bets. You can also bet on roulette by betting on the inside bets (1-36) row by row. Basically you just bet on five of the six rows, which means in roulette, you need to bet on 30 out of 36 places.

5)   Kokomo Method:

In this method, players focus on one single victory that can eliminate all their losses so far. So players no longer need to worry about having a small amount of money. They can easily use it and keep track of their stakes and military funds. The method is quite similar to the Martingale method. Kokomo method can also be used in triple bet columns and dozens.

6)   666 Strategy:

The 666 strategy is a roulette game betting method, where you place bets either on red and black bets, split bets, and straight bets in combinations of there. Basically, players bet on 33 places of the 37 roulette pockets. Which is why theoretically, this method has a high rate of dividend, 89%.

7)   The Monte Carlo Method:

Initially, this method was a calculation method which was used for simulations and numerical calculations using random numbers. Many players call this method a legendary winning strategy. In this method,  Players raise or lower their bet money, according to the casino’s set rules and regulations.