Guardians of the Galaxy Is Joining PC Game Pass on March 10th

Guardians of the Galaxy Is Joining PC Game Pass This Month

Guardians of the Galaxy will be among the new titles joining PC Game Pass this month.  The game will be added to Game Pass for PC, console and the cloud on March 10th.

The service is formerly known as Xbox Game Pass for PC. It got a sensible PC rebrand late last year. It is now known as PC Game Pass.

guardians of the galaxy joining pc game pass on march 10th


At least five new games are hitting PC Game Pass this month. Devs are going to confirm more later in the month. Among all of these titles, Guardians of the Galaxy seems to be the highlight, considering that it has only been around for five months. It still retails for $60 on Steam.

Gamers who are using the Xbox cloud gaming service will also find Guardians of the Galaxy there as well. Fans can also look forward to Kentucky Route Zero, Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and several others this month.

Guardians of the Galaxy follows Marvel’s ragtag group of cosmic mercenaries. They become involved with a dangerous cult and their own internal strife. It does not specifically feature an engaging combat system. However, there are team huddles that somewhat provide a loose connection to the narrative theme of the strength of communication.

According to tradition, when a new batch of titles head to Game Pass, a bunch of titles are making their departure from the subscription service as well. Torchlight 3, Nier: Automata, The Surge 2, and Phogs! are out by March 15th. Fans of these games can also choose to purchase them outright with a 20% discount on the usual price.

Furthermore, Xbox Game Pass has already recorded a milestone of 25 million subscribers in January. Fans are expecting this to grow even more once Microsoft’s acquisition of Warcraft and Call of Duty gets approval.

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