Adidas And Guardians of the Galaxy Footwear Officially Unveiled

Adidas And Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Footwear Collaboration Officially Unveiled

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy successfully took StarLord from the big screen to the gaming world. The title was well reviewed since its release as Square Enix focused on the story experience for players. Square Enix has had success with various other titles in the gaming industry including Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Marvel’s Avengers. Today, Eidos-Montreal, Marvel and Adidas have given fans and gamers an official first-look at Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy footwear collaboration. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is available now on PlayStation, Xbox platforms, PC and the Nintendo Switch via the Cloud.

The footwear collaboration is based upon distinct personalities and styles of the Guardians of the Galaxy characters. Furthermore, the six shoes were designed in part by James Liu, Senior Designer for footwear exclusives at Adidas. James Liu went on to explain the design choices stating, “A key starting point for the design of each sneaker was the unique visual cues from each of the characters – whether it’s the stitching details on Star-Lord’s leather jacket, Groot’s earthy color palette, or Drax’s unmistakable tattoos…From there, we wanted to inlay various design discovery elements that helped further bring the story of each character to life. Bringing it all together across the collection are unique signifiers for this original take on Guardians of the Galaxy as a Super Hero team – with matching sockliners, hang tags, labels, and packaging.”

Thus far, the shoes showcased have been the Star-Lord Forum Hi 84 and Forum Mid along with Drax- Ozelia and Groot- NMD R1. Furthermore, Gamora-ZX 2k Boost 2.0 and Rocket- ZX 1K Boost have been unveiled.

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SOURCE: Press Release