Gran Turismo 7 Fans Now Have to Work Harder to Get Their Dream Cars

New Gran Turismo 7 Patch Makes It Harder for Fans to Get Their Dream Cars

Gran Turismo 7 devs just rolled out a new patch for the game. Unfortunately, it would seem that the new update has made it more difficult for fans to get their favorite vehicles.

Gran Turismo 7 players can buy credits using real world money to add their favorite cars to their in-game collection. However, those who do not want to spend real money can also play long enough to grind out credit. They can do this by completing races and other in-game activities.

gran turismo 7 dream cars

Sadly, many of the game’s most in-demand cars are exorbitantly expensive. They will have to dedicate several hours to racing around just in order to save up enough credits to obtain their dream cars.

Following the latest Gran Turismo 7 update, it looks like they will have to race even longer than they used to. According to multiple reports, it will take fans much longer to add their dream cars to their cache. Apparently, a lot of the higher end cars are attached to astronomical amounts of in-game credits. Without the ability to sell the cars they already own to earn credits, getting the cars that they want has become even more difficult.

These new changes come at a relatively already frustrating time for Gran Turismo 7 fans. They have already been quite vocal about their dismay regarding price hikes in the microtransaction market. The game recently had a massive price bump for its real world transactions. Some vehicles that used to cost $5 in the PS4 entry are now being sold at $40.

As a result, many players decided to turn to farming credits by racing on simpler tracks. They just race on these tracks over and over again. So far, the only real option for multiple fans to get the cars they want is to pay with real world money. It is that or they keep racing as long as it takes to get the credits they would have obtained in a fraction of that time.

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