Gran Turismo 7 Is Back Online

Players Can Play Gran Turismo 7 Now That It Is Back Online

Gran Turismo 7 is finally back online after a day of being down. Racers can now return to the track and get back to winning races.

Gran Turismo 7 went offline due to an issue with update 1.07. It turns out, that update had an issue that could impact player save data. That isn’t good. In order to fix this, developer Polyphony Digital decided it would just be best to take the whole game offline rather than risk player save data.

Update 1.08 is now out and should fix the issue. While the desire to protect player save data makes sense, having no offline mode at all is an issue. Players were stuck and unable to play a game they spent good money on. While we live in an online world, there are still many who don’t have access to a solid internet connection. Offering absolutely nothing when not connected to the internet is proving to be a bit of an issue with some modern games.

Gran Turismo 7 has already been facing heavy criticism before the outage. Many find the microtransactions to be way too much and lead to a grinding experience. This isn’t helped by the fact that a recent update actually made it more difficult to unlock cars by simply playing the game.

Combine that issue with the recent outage, and it makes sense why players are having issues with Gran Turismo 7. Hopefully, Sony and Polyphony Digital are able to focus on the game and turn it into the racing sim that gamers want.