Bloodborne Kart Announced by Bloodborne PS1 Demake Creator

Bloodborne Kart “Is Happening”

Bloodborne Kart started out as an April Fool’s joke. However, one of the creators of the Bloodborne PS1 Demake has confirmed that the fan project is really happening.

“It is happening,” Lilith Walther confirmed on social media. “Bloodborne Kart is real and will be coming out as soon as it is ready!”

bloodborne kart announced

The franchise’s seventh anniversary was earlier this week. Although FromSoftware still has not come up with a PC port for the game, Walther has kept its following satisfyingly fed with her new fan project.

Bloodborne Kart is seemingly to be exactly as its name implies. It will be a Bloodborne-themed kart racer. It features relatively the same graphics and overall vibe that the PS1 Demake has. Instead of felling foul beasts in-game, players will have to roam the streets of Yharnam—or beyond—on a motorcycle.

Fans of the franchise are hopeful that they will get the chance to race against their favorite characters, such as Gehrman, Micolash, and Father Gascoigne. They may even race against Bloodborne’s less humanoid denizens like the Orphan of Kos. After all, it is Bloodborne Kart and there will most likely be no rules.

Just like Walther did with the Demake, she has promised to keep Bloodborne Kart fans updated on social media. “Time for the first Bloodborne Kart developer thread,” she wrote. “I started making the hunter anim set for the heavy bike so I have something to work with when I revive and build off of the code base I wrote for the 2021 April Fools video.”

Bloodborne Kart fans are expecting the game to be a brilliant project. After all, it is about time that the inhabitants of FromSoftware’s bleak game worlds figured out how to settle their differences without violence.

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