Some Destiny 2 Fans Are Sad That Forsaken Is Over

Destiny 2: Forsaken Fans Are Sad They They’re Favorite Expansion Is Done

Destiny 2 fans are torn between the beginning of a new expansion and the end of a known fan-favorite. Many of them took to social media to voice out their disappointment that the franchise’s Forsaken expansion is over.

Forsaken was when I met my partner and of my closest friends,” a fan wrote. “It is fitting we said goodbye to it together.”

Having to pay for content and ending up losing it frustrated some fans. They are not too happy about Bungie’s apparent inability to cater to new and lapsed players.

destiny 2 fans sad forsaken is over

Rest in peace to Destiny 2: Forsaken, content that I paid good money for but never got too finish because life/time/the borderline unethical removal of paid content,” another fan wrote. “I love Bungie, I just wish its product strategy viewed trailing players with anything but disinterest and disregard.”

Destiny 2 devs have already packed the Forsaken expansion away into a storage they call the Content Vault. This is also where the franchise’s original campaign went after the launch of Beyond Light in 2020. According to Bungie, this system helps them in keeping the game properly optimized. By doing this, the game reportedly becomes more manageable for players with burgeoning quest logs.

The Destiny Content Vault has provided a great deal of technical breathing room that the team has devoted to important improvements to the Destiny experience,” devs revealed last year. “Upgrades such as drastically reducing our patch response times, improving loading times, offering quicker access to UI such as your inventory or the map and others link directly to the opportunities that the DVC created for the team.”

There is absolutely no doubt that vaulting old Destiny 2 campaigns make the launch of a new expansion a more bittersweet experience for longtime fans of the franchise.

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