Neverwinter New Module Dragonbone Vale Launches on Consoles

New Module, New Adventure, Now On Consoles

Welcome, adventurers, to Dragonbone Vale. Developer Cryptic Studios and Publisher Perfect World’s MMORPG, Neverwinter, shows players its newest adventure module to celebrate the console launch. This is the 22nd module release for Neverwinter and includes a host of new features players on console can look forward to. The short 30 second launch trailer showcases snippets of the modules story. Additionally giving players glimpses of the new area to explore. 

Neverwinter is a MMORPG that places players in the land of Faerun, a Dungeons and Dragons setting. Players chose from a variety of fantasy classes and adventure throughout the land. You do quests, get better gear, and explore. Of course, in MMORPG fashion, there are dungeons and areas to put your character to the test. The expansions of Neverwinter come as modules that add additional content into the game for players to experience. And Dragonbone Vale seems to be adding even more. 

The trailer briefly hints at the story in store for players in the module. 

A blog post on Epic Games provides more information about what players can expect from the new module. So, Dragonbone Vale introduces a whole new adventure zone to Neverwinter players that they need to traverse in a unique way: grappling hooks. Essentially, the hooks will allow players to get around the steep and treacherous Sword Mountains as they complete quests and adventures. Additionally, a new campaign with a new story and a new 10-person trial all await players brave enough to try. 

Currently, Neverwinter is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.  Dragonbone Vale is now available, now, on all platforms. However, some content is unavailable for PC until February 8th and on consoles until March 8th.