Metroid Dread Is Getting Harder & Easier Difficulty Modes

Metroid Dread Just Got Two New Difficulties

Metroid Dread fans just got a nice surprise. Devs confirmed at today’s Nintendo Direct presentation that the game is getting a free update. This new update is giving the game two new difficulty modes. One will make the game even more difficult, while the other will make it a bit easier.

The Japanese Nintendo Direct Stream revealed what the update will bring. The announcement came a little earlier than the North American and European streams.

metroid dread is getting harder easier difficulty modes

Dread Mode is a new very challenging one-hit-kill mode. On the other hand, the Rookie Mode will increase health recovery. This makes Metroid Dread relatively more approachable for players who are a bit new to the franchise. The game’s demo will also be updated with these two new modes.

Metroid Dread fans are well aware that the game is already a bit difficult as it is. Some bosses bring enormous spikes in difficulty with no assistance coming along the way. Fans who like mastering these challenging encounters will most likely accept the new Dread Mode with open arms. Just one hit can end the game. This means that they should not get nicked in the game—not even once.

Metroid Dread newbies can enjoy the Rookie Mode for a more laid-back experience. This seems to be the helping hand that the original version did not have. After all, their in-game intergalactic character can now make the most out of the offered increased recovery.

It was also announced in the Nintendo Direct presentation that another update is heading to the game sometime in April. This update will bring a new Boss Rush Mode. This means that players will be able to battle every single boss in the game, all in a row, soon enough.

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