Portal: Companion Collection Is Coming to Switch Later This Year

Portal: Companion Collection Is Launching Sometime Later This Year

The Portal: Companion Collection is heading to Switch consoles later this year. It certainly looks like the Switch is giving all sorts of new life to old titles in 2022.

Portal and Portal 2 are coming to Nintendo Switch in Portal: Companion Collection,” Valve wrote on social media. “Get ready to think with portals later this year for $19.99 in the Nintendo eShop!”

portal companion collection coming to switch later this year

Players of the popular space-bending puzzlers are fans of the cooperative play that they both offered. The Switch version will launch with online, local, and split-player cooperative multiplayer modes available.

Portal: Companion Collection developed with Nvidia Lightspeed Studios includes the full single player experiences of Portal and Portal 2,” devs wrote in their PR piece.

The first installment became available to the gaming community in 2007. The second one launched in 2011. In the series, players will be taking the role of Chell who must escape facilities that are controlled by the artificial intelligence GLaDOS—voiced by Ellen McLain. They will have to solve different types of puzzles with their special gun to do this.

The Portal series is a groundbreaking puzzle game. Players have to navigate through in-game environments by opening and closing portals that they can walk through. It also features a relatively dark humorous narrative as players puzzle their way through the mysterious Aperture Science Laboratories.

Portal was relatively compact. Portal 2, on the other hand, expanded on everything included in the original game. This made up for a more in-depth experience. It told a bigger part of the back story, giving fans more information about GLaDOS, Aperture Science Laboratories, and its founder Cave Johnson.

Both games included in the Portal: Companion Collection were praised for their incredible puzzle design and captivating back stories. 

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