Metroid Dread Players Find a New Way to Beat Kraid

A Metroid Dread Fan Discovered a New Way to Take Down Kraid

Metroid Dread players were not slow in figuring out how to defeat Kraid. Grabbing morph ball bombs early on opened up a method of killing the game’s second boss. However, it would seem that there is yet another way to beat Kraid. It involves another in-game item: the flash shift.

The flash shift typically becomes available after a fight with Kraid during the players’ visit to Burenia. This ability allows players to dash quickly in succession, letting them get past doors and dodge enemy attacks easily. 

metroid dread flash shift secret method to kill graid

However, if players obtain the ability before the boss fight, they can flash shift into Kraid’s face and unleash a barrage of missiles. In the third phase, when players are hanging from the wall, they can use the flash shift to dash towards the enemy’s face. They can hang onto the reptilian’s mouth, and fire rockets directly into its mouth.

Metroid Dread fans are satisfied that Mercury Steam added fun secrets into the game like this. The existence of this new method of killing the monster makes them wonder if there are any other sequence breaks that are hidden within the game. If there are, Metroid Dread players will surely find them all eventually.

It is a known fact among the Metroid Dread community that sequence breaks usually take up ore time in total. However, speed runners have been having a field day with this new Metroid Dread killing method.

Just like with the morph ball bombs, using the flash shift ability is not something that players do normally. It is like finding functional Easter eggs for people to use within the game whenever they do repeat runs.

Sometimes, Nintendo games are the gifts that keep on giving. The sequence breaks in Metroid Dread definitely fit into that category.

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