Hideo Kojima Has a Podcast

But the Podcast May Be Difficult to Obtain

Kojima, the mind behind many brilliant games such as Silent Hill, Metal Gear, and Death Stranding, is up to something rather interesting once again. While we had been informed that his studio, Kojima Productions, would be opening up a new media division and that 2022 would be an exciting year what fans may not have expected was a podcast.

kojima's Death Stranding

Called Hideo Kojima’s Radioverse, this podcast is hosted by Kojima himself and seems to be focused on video games, and the video game genre. In the first episode, it appears that he talked with a popular Japanese Youtuber, 2BRO. 2BRO appears to release videos in Japanese in playing video games such as Dead By Daylight, In Sound Mind, and Dying Light, with lighter games in between.

But in the particular episode, from the description, it appears that Kojima was speaking to 2BRO about previous work in Metal Gear and Death Stranding. Appears, as Kojima’s Radioverse, while it is possible to find on Audible, is not in English. It is instead in Kojima’s native Japanese, all one hour and eighteen minutes of it.

death stranding director's cut ps5 upgrade

This may be disappointing for those who are not fluent in conversational Japanese, though it is understandable; Japanese is Kojima’s native language after all. But, while the host himself may not release multi-lingual materials, it is possible that fan translators may step up to the fore. There have been fan-translated materials before, for video games and for podcasts in other languages before. So it may be possible that transcription of the video game creator’s podcast could be written up, and maintained- depending on fan base and interest.


Metal Gear Franchise

And if we’re lucky, Kojima might use this new platform of his to let the rest of the world about future projects of his, as well as on Twitter.

What do you think? Would you want to listen to Kojima’s Radioverse, or have you already? Let us know in the comments below!