Games Workshop Previews New Items Coming to Pre-Order Store

From the 41st Millennium to Middle Earth

Lorien Elven Archers, T’au Ethereals, and more. Yesterday Games Workshop, the home to many fans favorite tabletop hobbies, gave players of many tabletop games a preview of things to come to the Pre-Order store. A blog post on Games Workshop’s website provides details on some of the highlights of this weeks pre-orders. From Middle Earth to the grim dark future of the 41st Millennium there’s highlights for many games. 

Games Workshop Pre-Order

Firstly, Games Workshop is introducing the new tome for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Warcry. The tome includes content for every method of play. From open play, to narrative, to campaign and any way in between. Warcry is an easy to set up and play game focusing on the exploits of your chosen warband caught in skirmishes.  Now, new players can have everything they need in this tome. 

With the release of the T’au Empire’s new Codex in Warhammer 40K, Games Workshop is also bringing back some classics. For a brief nine days classic T’au Ethereals models are being brought back. These inspiring mystic leaders can bolster any squad of Fire Warriors, or vamp up those crisis suits to make your T’au army that much more strong. 

In addition the two Warhammer universes, fans of Middle Earth also get some content. Mordor musters all of its forces near, and far. New Easterling Units bring a wall of blades to any battle. Additionally Moria’s goblins stir in the dark bringing back Goblin Shamans. Yet, the forces of good still stand ready, as Haldir’s Elven Archer’s rain arrows from above and Galadriel herself enters the fray. These classic sets will be available Saturday the 12th of February. 

Yet, these are but a few of the sets available. Games Workshop is also bringing content to Necromunda, White Dwarf and more. What are you most excited for?