Factorio’s Developers Provide An Update On Its Upcoming Expansion

Factorio’s Developers Provide An Update On Its Upcoming Expansion

Factorio is one of the most popular world building games available. It is developed by an independent Czech studio called Wube Software and released in 2016. Since its release, there has been major content changes but fans have been patiently awaiting the release of an expansion. The developers have hinted towards the latest expansion many times, but today, they have released a statement providing more concrete plans for it. Factorio is currently available on Steam for $30.00 USD.

The developers have announced a confirmed price point for the expansion. It will cost $30.00 USD. Although that is the price of the base game, the developers intend to put as much content into it to make it worthwhile. Furthermore, setting the price has made the team have an achievable goal and more motivated.

In terms of the expansion’s release, the team will release Update 1.2 and then the expansion. This has a few results including that the expansion content can be taken off, all changes will be done once and other quality of life improvements. The expansion will focus on the new content and mechanics.

Wube Software has also unveiled a seven step plan for the expansion’s release. It includes stages such as tweaking, beta testing, implementation of ideas and concludes with the official release. The process seems in-depth and ideal, but it may get complicated down the road.

The game’s graphics are often affected by behavior and mechanics of entities. As a result, the team will work on solidifying gameplay mechanics first and other improvements.

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