Dynasty Warriors Dev Wants to Have a Star Wars Crossover

Dynasty Warriors Devs Want to Make a Star Wars Game

Dynasty Warriors Producer Akihiro Suzuki has confirmed that he wants to make a Star Wars game. Apparently, this crossover idea has been on his mind for quite some time now.

Within the dev team, a lot of different IPs and works have been brought up,” Suzuki revealed. “This is solely my own opinion but my own personal wish would be for a Star Wars crossover.

dynasty warriors dev wants star wars crossover

Should this Dynasty Warriors-Star Wars crossover happen, it is not going to be the first internationally beloved transmedia sci-fi series to get such adaptation. After all, the Dynasty Warriors franchise forayed with Gundam back in 2007. It received quite a few follow ups since then.

It would be such an impressive feat for Omega Force and Koei Tecmo if they are able to pull off a crossover with the Star Wars universe. If it worked for Char, then it will work for Vader too.

It is worth noting that Disney has pretty much broadened their approach to licensed Star Wars games in the recent years. After all, they did announce an open world Ubisoft Star Wars game last January. This January they also announced a Star Wars Jedi sequel and strategy game with Respawn Entertainment. Dynasty Warriors fans are speculating that next January might be their franchise’s time to shine.

Suzuki is also not the only member of the Dynasty Warriors team to consider this crossover. Koei Tecmo Producer Hisashi Koinuma also has this project on his mind. “Mario and Star Wars are two great stories that come to mind,” he said. “Unfortunately, we have not had the opportunity to collaborate with these IPs yet.”

The Dynasty Warriors dev also shared what he has planned for the series going forward. “I would like to be able to increase the sense of immersion into the battlefield through more realistic depictions especially through the visual representation and the individual movement of every single soldier,” Suzuki stated. “If we can have multiple people playing simultaneously online, that would be really fun.

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