Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires New Details Revealed

Change the Course of History

In a press release today, KOEI TECMO and game developer Omega Force, discussed more details about their upcoming game Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires. The developers focused on the ability to partake in, and alter, historic events. They are excited to introduce new features that will allow players to take on history the way that they want. 

The release states that Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires is determined to add “tactical and strategic war elements to the 1 vs. 1,000 action of KOEI TECMO’s revered DYNASTY WARRIORS series.”

With this in mind, Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires will provide players with more ways to play. Either through combat. Or through politics, players will be able to carve their way through China’s history. The release, as well as KOEI TECMO’s website, details the ability for players to partake in historic scenarios. From the Yellow Turban Rebellion to the Battle of Chibi players can make the choice to change the outcome of history. 

The changes add different ways to fight, gain titles, undertake politics, and more. In addition players can deepen relationships with and play as over 90 officers, as well as develop a lineage through having children. The press release also mentions an upcoming demo with details.

“In the demo, gamers will be able to experience the new evolved castle sieges, including both invasion battles and defense.” 

Furthermore, with the inclusion of the press release came a trailer. KOEI TECMO released the features trailer for Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires and in, just over three minutes, outlines the new features that come with the game. 

The game will be released February 15th, 2022. It will launch on Xbox Series X/ONE, PlayStation 4, and digitally on 5. It will also be available for purchase on PC through steam, Google Stadia, and the Nintendo Switch. The demo will be available in early 2022.