Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Demo Available Today

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empire Demo Out Now

Interested players can now try out the Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires demo. Hopefully, it is set up from the game it is based on, as I was not a fan at all of Dynasty Warriors 9. Still, I do tend to favor the Empire versions of the Dynasty Warrior games, so I’ll certainly check out the demo.

As usual, the Empire version of Dynasty Warrior 9 will offer more strategic gameplay elements. This won’t take away from the usual chaotic button mashing of the usual Dynasty Warrior experience.

The Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires demo will feature the new castle sieges. Players will have the chance to both take and defend castles.

The demo will also allow players to test out the edit mode. This mode will allow players to create their own officer. These officers can be transferred over to the full version so long as you are on the same platform as the demo.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires had its fair share of issues. Hopefully, the Empire version will make some necessary changes to counteract the open world. Dynasty Warriors simply doesn’t work when there is so much time before combat.

Hopefully, the changed siege mode combined with the more strategic elements will be enough to make the game more entertaining. Siege mode is absolutely a great idea on paper. Attacking or defending a fortress while destroying thousands of opponents can easily be a good time.

The formula works and has worked for years. Make a few tweaks to make the combat more engaging and make sure you are getting into the combat quicker. The demo should be a great test to see what changes they have made and if they are enough.

Source: Press Release