Sony’s Stock Took a Big Hit After Activision Blizzard Announcement

Sony’s Stocks Took a Big Hit Recently

It seems Sony’s stocks fell 13%, or about $20 billion, after the announcement that Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard. That’s a big hit, and it certainly is a showcase of just how impactful this $70 billion deal was. Though Sony’s stocks are likely to recover.

Recover or not, I’m sure Sony and its investors aren’t thrilled about its largest single drop since October 2008. I’m sure Sony is a little miffed to potentially be losing massive franchises such as Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Diablo. This is a deal that manages to make the ZeniMax acquisition seem small in comparison.

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I’m sure fans and investors alike are wondering what Sony will do moving forward. It’s obvious that Sony can’t match Microsoft in a spending contest. They need to do something to mix it up, but it is about impossible to counter this announcement.

Sony’s best bet is just to continue what they are doing. Buy studios when it makes sense, continue to put out high-quality PC ports, and keep making blockbuster games that are always in the running for game of the year. It isn’t likely Sony would get desperate and decide to buy a company just to buy them. I’m also not sure that would even be a good move at this time.

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It would also be nice if Sony would announce their own Game Pass competitor. That would certainly be one way to at least get a little of the spotlight back on PlayStation. Even without that, Sony still has Horizon Forbidden West coming out next month and God of War Ragnarok coming later this year. They have plenty of time to impress the public and show they may not have made any wild acquisitions, but they still have studios putting out some fantastic games.