Microsoft Acquires Activision Blizzard

A Monumental Deal 

The landscape of gaming is changing once again. Microsoft has announced today in a tweet, and a blog post, that it will acquire Activision Blizzard in a multi-billion dollar deal. The blog post from Microsoft provides more details about the goals the acquisition comes with. 


Activision Blizzard has an extensive list of game titles that add to the growing Microsoft collection. From games like Diablo, to Warcraft, and Overwatch, the company has some big names attached to it.  

Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, outlines his goals for Activision Blizzard IP’s as the acquisition comes to a close. In the blog post on Xbox’s website, Spencer discusses bringing Activision Blizzard titles to Games Pass. In addition, he says that the new titles will move plans for Cloud Gaming forward. 

activision blizzard female co-head steps down

“Upon close, we will offer as many Activision Blizzard games as we can within Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, both new titles and games from Activision Blizzard’s incredible catalog,” says Spencer in the blog post. 

With all of this in mind, the gaming community’s eyes are on Microsoft. After all, acquiring Activision Blizzard and their games is one thing, but what Microsoft decides to do with them is another. Essentially the gaming world will just have to wait and see what becomes of some of gaming’s biggest titles.