Reason Revealed for Pandemic Game Being Pulled From Stores

Turns Out, It Wasn’t What We Thought

Previously, we knew that the Pandemic board game had been delisted on Steam. We also know that the game will be taken off the Microsoft store at the end of January, and off of the Nintendo Switch store in July.  But previously, there was no statement as to why the game had been taken off of various game listings. While there could have been the assumption that this was due to the global issue, it is a little too late for that. But finally, we’ve heard as to why from Z-Man Games, who made the original request to take the game down.

Pandemic board game

It turns out, according to the statement, the digital copy had been originally made nine years ago. As such, they felt that the board game wasn’t up to snuff and that they would like to make improvements in the future. They detail their plans for the game, and other plans, in the statement below:

The Pandemic app was released 9 years ago, and we no longer feel the current quality and reliability of the game is on par with what Pandemic deserves on digital platforms. The time has come to make way for the digital future of Pandemic.

That is why we are progressively removing the current Pandemic games published by Asmodee Digital from all digital stores. Current owners will not be impacted: all players who have already purchased the game will still be able to play and download it.

Pandemic is and will remain available to play online in single-player mode or in multiplayer on Board Game Arena.

We are truly thankful to the whole Pandemic community for their awesome support and involvement over these last years. Stay tuned!

Z-Man & Asmodee Digital teams.

So if you currently own a copy, not to worry; it seems that you will be able to keep it, and play it. If you don’t, but are interested and have access to it, then best to download it while you have the chance!