Asmodee Digital Will Release Sci-Fi RPG Dark Envoy In 2022

Asmodee Digital Will Release Sci-Fi RPG Dark Envoy In 2022

Asmodee Digital is a subsidiary of the Asmodee Group and is a major video game publisher. The company has been involved in publishing games on various third party platforms and has worked on a variety of games such as Gloomhaven, CATAN, Ticket to Ride and more. Today, the company has announced a partnership with Event Horizon to release Dark Envoy, a sci-fi fantasy RPG on PC and consoles sometime in 2022. Interested fans can wishlist the game on Steam here.

Dark Envoy

Event Horizon is an indie video game developer that previously worked on Tower of Time. Via an official partnership announcement trailer, the two companies showcased the game and gave fans some hints at its story. Furthermore, the company confirmed its release period stating, “The game is scheduled for release in 2022 on PC and consoles. It will be playable in single-player mode or in online co-op for up to 2 players.”

In the game, players learn about Malekai and Kaela, children who are war refugees. Soon enough, these children must learn to survive in the chaos of war and tragedy. In the game, players will experience a rich, non-linear story along with party-based combat. The game also features a flexible, authentic RPG system with four base classes and sixteen specializations. Players can adapt and vary their playstyles depending on the challenges ahead.

Furthermore, the game features a co-op mode along with various companions to join players on their journey. Each decision made in the world has an impact and players must make serious choices.

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