Overwatch 2 Developers Release Blog Discussing The Beta

Overwatch 2 Developers Release Blog Discussing The Beta

Overwatch 2 recently entered its beta phase following its announcement in late 2021. Fans of the franchise have been awaiting the beta phase along with further news on the title. Following its first week in beta, the developers have released a blog update discussing the game, impact on development plans and community feedback thus far. The game’s beta is currently available on PC for those who have been granted access.

overwatch 2 devs disable wrecking ball too powerful

The release commences by discussing progress made thus far. The developers have considered feedback on the 5v5 shift and the consequences. Furthermore, the Push Game Mode has been interesting and the developers will continue to work on it before release. Build and server stability along with overall balance were other major concerns for the developers that will be addressed in later stages.

Furthermore, the developers sought to include only Quick Play instead of Ranked Mode to ensure priority queues and because there are various changes coming to the Ranked Mode soon. However, the developers will continue to make the beta engaging for its players.

Besides that, the developers introduces a fresh Scoreboard in the first beta that provides various statistics such as eliminations, deaths, assists and more. Based on community feedback, the team will be introducing various changes to the UI and design.

In Overwatch 2, Blizzard Entertainment have introduced new game modes, heroes and more. The update will be free for those who owned the first game, but players must buy the game to access the story and co-op modes.

What are your thoughts on Overwatch? Are you a fan of the franchise? What do you think about Overwatch 2 thus far? Were you given access to the game’s beta? What are you most excited for in the sequel? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.