Gran Turismo 7 Will Have a More Manageable Download Size

Gran Turismo 7 Offers a Slightly More Manageable File Size

Managing storage space is just a normal part of being a gamer these days. That’s why it is good to see Gran Turismo 7 managing to have a smaller size than GT Sport. It is still quite large, but it is under 100 GB.

GT Sport has a file size of 102.5 GB. It turns out having incredibly detailed vehicles, and a lot of them, means that file size is going to be quite large. It hurts when you have such limited space on your console to have over 100 GB taken up by just a single game.

gran turismo 7 more than 400 cars

Gran Turismo 7 is still large at 89.45 GB, but it is smaller. Hey, I’ll take what I can get today. Honestly, it is impressive that they managed to make another hugely detailed game actually come in smaller than GT Sport. I don’t know that they did, but I’m glad they did it.

This file size is before any day one patch, so expect it to be a little bigger than this on day one. Hopefully, any day one patch isn’t too big so that it can stay under 100 GB. It is rough watching all of these games have larger and larger file sizes. It feels like storage space isn’t keeping up.

I suppose it doesn’t matter much in the long run, however. In the digital age, this file size is likely to just grow with updates. Patches and additional content will probably push the game past 100 GB, and who even knows how large it may end up being. I guess living in an age where games are constantly supported comes with a dire cost. I sometimes have to go in and delete older games. What a shame.