Platinum Games, Bayonetta Developer, Appoints New CEO

New Year, New CEO 

New years are times of change, growth, and new beginnings. It seems Platinum Games, developer of the Bayonetta series, have taken this message to heart as they introduce their new CEO. Last week Kenshi Sato, Platinum Games former CEO, announced that he was stepping down from the role. Now, Platinum Games is introducing its new CEO, Atsushi Inaba, who introduced his goals in a blog post

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“Approaching ‘fun’ with complete sincerity has always been important to me. I believe every one of our staff take pride that they are entertainers, always attempting the perfect balance between play and professionalism,” says Inaba in his post.

Inaba, who co-founded Platinum Games Studios in 2007, held the position of lead producer. In addition to his new role as CEO he will be maintaining his position as lead producer. Having taken up the mantle of Platinum Games now, Inaba hopes to keep the same approach to game development that Platinum Games has held since its launch.

In his blog post, Inaba describes that as he moves “forward towards the new challenges of the future, I hope to provide more and more experiences for all our users to enjoy.” 

Furthermore, Platinum Games is  currently working on Bayonetta 3. The game is set to release this year. A gameplay trailer, from September of last year, gave fans a sneak peak. 

Despite a change in CEO, it seems fans can expect the same quality from Platinum Games as ever. And with Bayonetta 3 coming this year, players have a lot to look forward too. Additionally Kenshi Sato, former CEO, will be staying with Platinum Games as an advisor.