Activision Blizzard Attempts to Cover Problems

According to Wallstreet Journal, CEO Bobby Kotick Claimed This Would ‘Make Them Look Bad’

Activision Blizzard was not doing so hot in 2021. All sorts of problems have arisen, due to the company’s not taking care of its people. It’s gotten to the point where the government has stepped in and demanded an audit.  Various partners, including Lego, have decided they don’t want to be tainted by Blizzard’s mess.

activision blizzard female co-head steps down

And yet, they’ve kept their CEO, Bobby Kotick throughout it all. Even when employees were demanding him gone, Kotick did not move from his seat. It was almost a joke when he said he may step down if he doesn’t solve the problem.

But it’s difficult to tell if Kotick is committed to solving the problems when it comes to the various workplace misconduct. It’s difficult to see too if there’s been anything actually done or if this is the usual tactic of Kotick’s to cover the problem: fire those who don’t contribute to the bottom line.

We say this because according to a Wall Street Journal report, as of this writing, three dozen employees have been fired, thirty-seven people have left or have been pushed to leave, and 44 disciplined due to workplace misconduct, which was confirmed by an Activision Blizzard spokesperson. However, the same person denied that there have been approximately 700 reported incidents of misconduct and other issues filed by staff to the current Blizzard internal investigation team.

And apparently throughout it all. Kotick has tried to downplay the numbers of being let go from the company, with figures stating: “could make the company’s workplace problems seem bigger than is already known,” according to Kotick.

But somehow, this is not a surprise. After all, he’s tried to mislead, if not outright lie to the board. As the WallStreet Journal has put it, Kotick “didn’t inform the board of sexual misconduct allegations that he was aware of, including rape, against managers across the company.

So why is he still in power at Blizzard? That remains a mystery that makes my blood boil.