Hitman 3 Fans Want a Discount for Waiting a Year for Steam Version

Hitman 3 Fans Aren’t Happy That They Have to Pay Full Price for a 1-Year-Old Game

Hitman 3 is now finally available on Steam. The game was exclusive on the Epic Games Store for about a year. Although it is an excellent game to play, its early reviews on Steam are interestingly “mixed.”

It has a total of 435 reviews on Steam, with half of these being negative. It must be noted, however, that it is not because it is a bad game. Fans of the franchise are simply not happy that they have to pay $60 for the game. This is the same price when it launched on Epic a year ago.

hitman 3 fans want discount steam

Many Hitman 3 fans are mad that they did not get a discount to coincide with the late Steam release. Some fans believe that a launch discount is a deserved gesture for having to wait a year for its Steam port. Others are just angry that they had to pay a full price for a title that is at least a year old.

“The price tag is insulting considering many of us have waited a whole year for this to arrive on Steam, just so we could have the entire trilogy on the same client,” one fan complained.

$60 for a game that is a year old,complained another. “No discounts for any of the games, no franchise sale, no discount for people that own Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 on Steam. Nothing.”

Some Hitman 3 fans even pointed out that the game had some heavy discounts during Epic’s holiday sale. After all, it was available for only $23.99. At the time, players could even cash in Epic’s free $10 coupons to get the game for a much cheaper price of $13.99. Unfortunately, the price is now back up to $60 for both Steam and Epic.

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