A New Game Mode is Coming to Hitman 3

Hitman 3’s Year 2 Will Let Agent 47 Freelance

This morning’s Hitman 3 Year 2 reveal steam was packed with a lot of exciting additions coming to the hit game. Clemens Koch, IO’s Community Manager, kicked off the announcements ahead of Year 2’s start next week.

Firstly, Koch introduced Elusive Target Arcade. Elusive Targets have long been a part of this Hitman trilogy. It would give players a limited time to take down a special target on one of the maps. However, players would only have one shot at doing so, not getting another chance even if they failed.

IO is taking the classic Elusive Target mode and bringing it back with a twist. This time, Elusive Target Arcade tasks players with taking down multiple targets. Players must take down one after another, never failing, and having to overcome increasingly difficult obstacles.

Successful players will gain exclusive rewards. Unsuccessful players will have to wait a full day before they are able to take the challenge again. This mode will be updated throughout the year with more challenges.

The other major news announced was Hitman Freelancer mode, coming in the spring. In this mode, players will begin in a safe house that players can customize rather than the location of their target. Here, players will monitor the world events themselves, choosing which criminal organizations they would like to take down via freelance contracts.

This adds a new very strategical side to the main game. While it incorporates the same maps in the original game, it will utilize them in new ways. Players will travel to different locations, all leading up to a final mission where they must take down the organization’s leader. This mode is full of a lot of new aspects that increase the original campaign mode’s difficulty.

IO is also bringing Hitman 3 to PSVR, Steam and Xbox Game Pass, giving players new options to play. Most of these updates, along with several technical improvements, will be available in Hitman 3 when Year 2 starts on January 20.

Check out the full reveal stream video for more details. Which new addition are you most excited about?