Rare Reduces the Number of Ships Per Server in Sea of Thieves

This Ocean Ain’t Big Enough for the Six of Us

Online games require constant improvements, balancing, and tweaking. This is especially true for live-service games, like Sea of Thieves. Recently, the game was updated to allow more ships in a given server, but after player feedback, Rare decided to dial it back.

The change made earlier this month allowed a maximum of six different ships and sixteen players per server. While you may think that more ships may be more exciting, the result left a lot to be desired. After some quick math, having six ships and sixteen players in one server meant that each ship would have an average of 2.6 crew members.

Sea of Thieves

Not only is this impractical gameplay-wise, but this messed the gameplay performance. Sure, the PC and Xbox Series X|S might be able to handle more ships, but Sea of Thieves also needs to be functional on Xbox One.

To smooth things out, Rare has dialed back the number of ships to a server from six to five. Up to sixteen players can still join a server though. This helps change the average number of crewmates per ship and the different kinds of ship they can man.

Four years after launch, Sea of Thieves still enjoys a respectable player count. You can bet that Rare will continue to add more content and support the game as they have been doing. Sea of Thieves is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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