Creators Are Having Their Channels and Work Stolen For NFTs

People Are Stealing Work for NFTs. Again.

NFT “creators” are at it again. This time they are stealing images from prominent content creators to try and sell on OpenSea to make a quick buck off other people’s success. These people are talentless and absolutely shameless.

These people aren’t just selling artwork. They are putting entire web addresses and trying to sell entire videos. Videos that these people absolutely don’t own. The people doing this are just absolute scum. Frankly, I’m on the train that OpenSea is just a scummy website. This is far from the first incident, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. The site is well known for hosting stolen content as NFTs.

Creators such as Caddicarus and JimSterling have all had their content stolen and posted on OpenSea. Sony Santa Monica Studios’ Alanah Pearce has also been completely disrespected when an image of her was posted with her photoshopped onto a porn magazine.

For their part, OpenSea had this to say:

“OpenSea supports an open and creative ecosystem in which people have greater freedom and ownership over digital items of all kinds. One of our operating principles is to support creators and their audiences by deterring theft and plagiarism on our platform. To that end, it is against our policy to sell NFTs using plagiarized content, which we regularly enforce in various ways, including delisting and, in some instances, banning accounts (as was the case in this instance). We are actively expanding our efforts across customer support, trust and safety, and site integrity so we can move faster to protect and empower our community and creators.”


They can make all the excuses they want. That’s all it is. Excuses. They have a history with this, and it is clear whatever they do to prevent this isn’t anywhere near enough.

I’m at the point where I can’t stand NFT’s. They seem to be nothing but a money-laundering scheme or a get-rich-quick scheme for those with no talent or morals. People shouldn’t question why we don’t want them in video games. I question why people would ever think they could be a good thing.