Age of Empires 4 May Be Coming to Xbox

The Title Had Previously Only Been for PC, but That May ChangeĀ 

Age of Empires has been released by Microsoft since 1997. The latest of the franchise is currently Age of Empires IV, which came out in October 2021. While it can be used now to get a UArizonia credit for enrolled students, all of the Age of Empire games have been on PC- until now.

Age of Empires IV

Reportedly, there is a port to consoles in the works for the latest of Empire games. Apparently, a version of the game has been spotted on the Microsoft Insider hub. For those who are unfamiliar with the Microsoft Insider hub, it is the app for the Xbox. This particular app allows players to access games early, and sneak peeks for various other features for the Xbox. So, that’s a pretty good hint that the game may be released soon for Xbox for various Xbox players to enjoy.

Moreover, and perhaps with more solid evidence (or not, depending), Twitter user @ALumia_Italia pointed out that there has been a certain game under the code name Cardinal that has been undertaken for internal testing. What also needs to be pointed out is that Age of Empires is called Cardinal internally by the company. So- this could mean that there is currently some work in progress in having Age of Empires IV available on the Xbox.

Or not. These may be a few big leaps, and a few assumptions may have been taken to go in this direction. But, Microsoft may be experimenting and testing to see how Age of Empire IV can be played on the console. They have ported what was previously Microsoft exclusive PC games before.

We will have to wait on official word on where else Age of Empires may go- or if it will happily stay on the PC.