What Can We Expect From Nintendo’s Upcoming Indie World Showcase?

Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase Is Just Around the Corner

Nintendo is doing another Indie World Showcase, and it’s coming out tomorrow. The presentation will likely introduce a ton of indie titles both new and old that are coming to the Switch.

Nintendo Indie Highlights

Nintendo made the announcement via Twitter earlier today and gave a link to the livestream. The tweet states there will be roughly 20 minutes of information during this live stream. The information will exclusively cover indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo hosted an Indie Showcase back in August this year. That presentation was roughly 22 minutes long and introduced about 19 indie titles, some of which were never-before-seen. Can we expect a similar number of old titles and new ones for this presentation? Probably, but there are a few things to note in favor of and against this expectation.

The biggest point to note is The Game Awards just happened less than a week ago. Most companies use E3 and/or The Game Awards to announce their upcoming titles. This holds true especially for indie developers who don’t have an in-house platform to make the announcements themselves. The Game Awards is also no stranger to hosting indie game announcements.

A counterpoint to this is Nintendo has established a solid relationship with indie developers, so it’s likely they’ve made arrangements to skip The Game Awards entirely and let Nintendo make the announcements themselves. They’ve established this relationship early on in the Switch’s life cycle, and it’s been going on strong ever since.

As for what specific games we can expect, Nintendo hasn’t said anything on the topic. Regardless, fans are hopeful to see the Hollow Knight sequel get announced. Hollow Knight is one of the biggest indie games ever made, and its upcoming sequel, called Hollow Knight: Silksong, hasn’t received a release date yet. It would be an excellent opportunity for both Nintendo and the Hollow Knight Developers to include the game’s announcement in the Indie World Showcase.

You can watch the Indie World Showcase live on Nintendo’s Youtube channel at 9:00 am PT.