Ubisoft Adds New Danny Trejo Crossover Mission to Far Cry 6

Danny and Dani Against the Forces of Yara

Far Cry 6 just got an update that didn’t really surprise anyone. The update added a mission starring Danny Trejo that Ubisoft accidentally added to the game about a month ago before promptly taking it down. This time around, Ubisoft has officially released the mission along with a few other things.

far cry 6 danny trejo crossover removed

The mission is a crossover with famous Hollywood actor Danny Trejo. Trejo plays himself for this role as he travels to Yara to feed tacos to the hungry. The army attempts to put a stop to Trejo’s operation, starting a feud between the two. The player teams up with Trejo helping him fend off hordes of soldiers in true over-the-top Far Cry ridiculousness.

Ubisoft accidentally released the crossover mission earlier this year. The premature release was likely due to a programming error. Players were only able to start the first part of the Danny Trejo mission before it would abruptly end. Because of this, most of the content in the mission was never revealed. Ubisoft promptly removed the mission from the game until its proper release.

Ubisoft made the announcement via Twitter earlier today, “Team up and fight with Danny Trejo solo or in co-op with friends in a free crossover mission and new special operation, Malagua, and get a free reward!” The Danny Trejo mission is available now for free for players who own a copy of Far Cry 6 on any platform.

A few more things were included in the update as well. Players can expect to receive a free reward in the form of a motorcycle with a built-in gun. The update also fixed a few loading screen and game crashing bugs.

You can download Far Cry 6 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC for 40% off right now.