Tactical FPS Ready or Not Will Enter Early Access By The End of 2021

Tactical FPS Ready or Not Will Enter Early Access By The End of 2021

The FPS genre is expansive. Some titles are more realistic, while others like Call of Duty just offer fun in the madness. Shooters like Escape from Tarkov and Rainbow Six Siege require players to slow down and play a bit less aggressive. Today, the team behind Ready or Not, a tactical FPS, announced that the game will be entering its early access phase on Steam before the end of 2021. Interested players can pre-order Ready or Not here. The Standard Edition costs $39.99USD while the Supporter Edition costs $119.99USD. The Supporter Edition includes beta and alpha access. It also includes free first expansion, listing in game credits and a digital copy of the game’s soundtrack.

The developers came to the decision because they felt they had a duty to the fans, especially those who purchased the Supporter Editions. Furthermore, Steam is a great partner to independent developers, but it can be difficult. The developers do not have the luxury of millions of dollars in financing. As a result, transitioning to early access at this stage would assist with funding and provide fans with a unique experience.

Players who bought the Supporter Edition will be given a key that shows the transition from Alpha to Beta. Supporters will also be able to test new and upcoming content. Additionally, they will have early access to a lot of the dev team and the supporter Discord. Standard Edition buyers will have access to the game upon the launch of the early access.

Players are reminded that the version is incomplete, with bugs and more. The developers have also confirmed that they will continue to release more content and further refining the game.

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