Ninjas In Pyjamas And Team Gullit Partner To Launch New FIFA Team

Ninjas In Pyjamas And Team Gullit Partner To Launch New FIFA Team

Ninjas in Pyamas is a popular eSports organization based in Sweden. The team was born in the Counter Strike competitive scene in 2000 and has only grown since then. Ninjas in Pyjamas now has teams in Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege and FIFA. The company has announced that they’re adding a new star to their roster. Ninjas in Pyjamas will be partnering with Team Gullit to sign European Champion Levi de Weerd. Levi de Weerd along with FUT Champion winner Ollie Arbin will compete under the newly formed TG.NIP banner.

Under the new partnership, TG.NIP will join the TGS Masters Program. This means that the two stars will be in a ton of upcoming tournaments and events. Furthermore, as the Team of the Year Cup was cancelled for Covid-19, the next competition is carded for April 2022. Besides the tournaments, the two players under the brand will be creating more content for the organization’s channel and Electronic Arts.

Team Gullit founder, Corne Dubelaar, was excited about the partnership with NiP. He stated, “We are really excited to partner with NIP. We have been working together for almost two years now, ever since Ollelito made the transfer from Team Gullit to NIP. When EA announced the FGS Masters program, it was time to take the co-operation to the next level. The creation of TG.NIP allows us to fully focus on developing talent in the Team Gullit academy while having TG.NIP as one of the top-tier teams fighting for trophies in the major tournaments. By pairing Levi and Olle, we have one of the best rosters in the competitive FIFA scene.”

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