NEO: The World Ends With You Sequel Might Happen If You Ask Nicely

The World Ends With You Might Continue With You, Too

The World Ends With You is a game you’ve likely heard about more than played, if its sales figures are anything to go by. The game and it’s sequel, NEO: TWEWY have a cult following of devoted fans, for good reason. Our own review called it “almost everything you could ask for”, noting how good it is for a game that might not have demanded a sequel.

It’s a shame, then, that there’s currently no plans to grow the franchise any further. Fans had to wait a good long while for NEO, and financially speaking, that game didn’t perform as well as Square Enix had hoped.

But now, a light has appeared at the end of the tunnel. The game’s producer, Tomohiko Hirano, recently did an interview with NintendoLife. And there’s he had a few thoughts about the future of The World Ends With You.

Frankly speaking, nothing has been decided in terms of a next installment,” Hirano said. “However, as a game based on an actual city, there are still many areas that we still haven’t been able to bring to life in the games, so a part of me wants to realize that in some way.

Going further into how fans could see those concepts could come to light, Hirano had this to say: “If players convey their passion for the game to us, our company may decide to let us make a sequel!

When a game is this much of a passion project, a comment like this is almost par for the course. Demand fuels everything, popular or otherwise. At the very least, it signals that further games aren’t out of the question for Square Enix. They haven’t completely shelved things yet!