GTA Online New Years Update is Here

So Long Snow, its New Years Eve in GTA Online

While we have quickly moved past the festive time of the holiday season, many have turned their attention towards the New Year. The hope and promise that a new calendar brings often brings some special events, sales and discounts worldwide. GTA Online is no different from this.

Following some recent massive updates, including a new DLC story mode and a free car, GTA Online is back with some more goodies this month. If players log on to GTA Online this week, they will find some free items in their inventory to enjoy.

GTA Online

Firstly, players’ inventory will be refilled with snacks and armour. Notably, players will also receive a fireworks launcher with 20 rockets included. 25 grenades and sticky bombs and 10 proximity mines and Molotov cocktails will help players start the new year with a bang.

In addition, players will receive a free brown sea lion mask and green festive tee. And to truly appear party-ready, players will get blue glow shades and a party glow necklace, prefect for those late night New Years parties.

While you are getting ready to party, New Years is also a time to reflect and create those New Years Resolutions. If a reno is on your list of things to do, then GTA Online has you covered. Players will find  a 40% discount on special cargo warehouses and executive offices, and a 30% discount on office renovations.

To fund the renovations, players can receive double the usual rewards and money for certain things. This includes selling special cargo, VIP Work Tiny Racers and Resurrection mode. There will also be a 50% bonus on earnings through security contracts and payphone hits from The Contract DLC.

All of this will ensure GTA Online players will be able to ring in the New Year the right way. So make sure you get online and get ready to party.