Steam Next Fest Coming February 2022

What’s Next 2022?

It’s back and bringing more content for players to enjoy. That’s right, Steam has announced Next Fest 2022 in a post on their website. The Next Fest is returning and bringing with it hundreds and hundreds of new demos, live streams, and opportunities to chat with developers. 

Next Fest 2022 Feature

Yet, what exactly is Next Fest? Steam’s Next Fest is a multi-day event in which the platform celebrates games, their creators, developers, publishers, and everything and everyone involved with gaming. Hovering over any of the games involved in Next Fest allows players to instantly install a demo of the game and try it out. It provides an opportunity for developers to show what they are working on and gives a chance to players to try games and be excited. 

Additionally, Next Fest gets to show off what makes steam so exciting, new games. Next Fest 2021 featured game demos such as Undungeon and Exo One. Currently, the submissions for next fest 2022 are over so everyone who wanted a game registered is, most likely, locked in. As of yet, we can only guess and hope at what games may get featured in Next Fest 2022 but if the previous Fest(s) are any indication, players should be excited. 

At any rate, Steam Next Fest 2022 is going to be a seven day event. Currently, it is taking place February 21st-28th 2022. Of course, each day will show players something different and there is a lot of content to experience. What are you most excited to see at Steam Next Fest 2022? Is there any particular games you want to try?