Void Interactive Unveils January Content and Plans For Ready or Not

Void Interactive Unveils January Content and Plans For Ready or Not

Void Interactive is an independent developer that recently released its tactical, first person shooter Ready or Not into Early Access on Steam. The title was lauded on various grounds since its release. Fans commended its realism, unique style and much more. Void Interactive has now unveiled its January plans for Ready or Not which includes a ton of content and plans. Ready or Not is available on PC via Steam. Players can purchase the game for $39.99USD or its Supporter’s Edition for $113.98USD.

The developers note that the content set to be released would be tested in Supporter Alpha before entering Early Access. Some of the content includes four new weapons and improvements to weapons and equipment. Furthermore, there will be five new game modes for players to enjoy such as Twisted Nerve and Hide and Seek.

The developers plan to introduce other improvements as well including better civilian A.I., language testing and improved in-game communication. Thus far, fans have one main concern which is whether PVP content will be coming to Ready or Not. The developers are yet to release further details on the topic.

Notwithstanding the game’s positive release, Ready or Not was marred in unfortunate controversy. The game unfortunately contained a school shooting level and due to its depictions, many were turned off from the title. The developers and publishers provided a response. They noted that they accepted the criticism and would adjust as necessary in the future.

In Ready or Not, players, as SWAT units, must defuse hostile situations and rescue hostages.

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