Ark Survival Evolved Gets Free DLC and Event Today

New Dinos, Dungeons and More

Ark Survival Evolved just got a new map in the form of free DLC earlier today. The map was initially a mod and has now been officially added to the game. With this new DLC comes a ton of new content.

The DLC (called Lost Islands) contains 150 square kilometers of area to explore. The island is filled with loads of different terrains such as snowy peaks, mangrove swamps and forest canopies. The map also contains ruins for players to explore. The ruins have treasure waiting to be discovered, but they’re also filled with booby traps and puzzles that players must navigate to get through.

Three new creatures have also been added with this DLC. The Amargasaurus, the Sinomacrops and the Dinopithecus are all available for players to tame and make their own. The Amargasaurus allows players to hurl fireballs at their opponents. The Sinomacrops latches onto players’ backs and lets them glide around like their own personal pair of wings. Finally, the Dinopithecus allows players to climb up verticle obstacles and fling tek-disabling dung.

The DLC isn’t the only thing added to Ark. The 6th annual Winter Wonderland Event is here as well. Players can look to the night sky at Midnight in-game time. If they do, they just might spot the famed RaptorClaus! RaptorClaus can be spotted on every map, not just the Lost Islands.

The Winter Wonderland Event also brings new cosmetic items. These items include holiday-themed skins, weapons and armor. Five new chibis are also included this season. The chibis included are Sinomacrops, Dinopithecus, Amargasaurus, a Festive Noglin, and an Animated TV-themed Raptor. Finally, players can also get their hands on a full-body Santa costume.

Ark isn’t ending 2021 quietly, and it’s not done here. 2022 is looking like it’s going to be a big year for the franchise. Ark is getting a few events and a new map in the first half of the year. News on Ark: The Animated Series and Ark II is also slated to come out next year.