The Ring is Coming to Dead By Daylight

Cult Franchise Ringu Makes its Way to Dead By Daylight

Today, Kadokawa announced a partnership with Behaviour Interactive. The two companies have agreed to integrate the Japanese cult horror franchise Ringu (The Ring) into the world of the hit horror survival game. This new chapter will mainly take its inspiration from Koji Suzuki’s novel and the original film adaptation.

Dead By Daylight and Ringu Promo

Suzuki’s Ringu, published in 1991, kicked off the franchise that centred on a haunting story of a spreading curse. The psychological horror about a video that promised death in seven days swept through Japan. It later made its way to North American and Europe, gaining massive popularity as it became internationally known.

Dead By Daylight’s publishers have released a tease for the upcoming content. See for yourself what’s to come in the bone-chilling trailer below.

The multiplayer action survival horror game follows a group of four survivors who must escape one killer. The survivors can win the game by escaping the map through a hatch of exit gates. This is because the killer cannot be killed by the survivors, only temporarily paralyzed. When playing as the killer, the player’s goal is to sacrifice the survivors to “The Entity”, an almighty being who waits under hooks in the middle of the map. Players take turns either as the killer or a survivor.

While we may have an idea of what the Ringu-inspired killer will look like, not much is revealed in the teaser trailer. We will also need to wait and see what powers the new killer will have when they join the game. The Ringu-based Chapter 23 will be available in March 2022.

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