Apex Legends’ Newest Event Adds Both New and Old Content

All Aboard the Winter Express

Apex Legends‘ Winter Express event from last year’s Holo-day Bash Collection is coming back to the game this December. The event will be playable from December 7th to December 21st. Apex Legend’s Holo-Day Bash added 24 unique, limited-time skins themed around the holidays for players to unlock. This year, Apex Legends is doing it again but with the brand new Raiders Collection Event.

Apex Legends Respawn

This year’s event, called the Apex Raiders Collection Event, adds 24 pirate-themed cosmetics. Some of the cosmetics include weapon skins, quips and character skins. Loba, Pathfinder, Bloodhound, Wraith, Valkeryie, Wattson and Revenant will all be getting legendary skins with complementary weapons. Players can unlock these cosmetics through the prize track or through the store. Players can get 1,600 points a day to help them obtain these cosmetics by completing daily challenges.

The Raiders Collection Event also adds a new heirloom to the game. Heirlooms are cosmetic items that replace the melee action’s punch animation with an animation that uses a specialized weapon. The weapon depends on what character the heirloom is for. The heirloom added for this event is Wattson’s Energy Reader. Players can unlock this by unlocking the other 24 cosmetic items coming with the event. It’s likely that Wattson’s heirloom will be available through traditional means when the event is over, but nothing has been confirmed one way or the other.

Finally, this event is also bringing back the Winter Express game mode. If you missed it last year, the Winter Express game mode pits two teams of three players each against each other. Both teams have to fight for control of the train found on the World’s Edge map. The first team to claim control of the train or completely wipe out the enemy team wins the round. This year, players will be able to pick their own loadouts before the match starts.

You can download Apex Legends for free on Steam.