Aliens: Fireteam Elite Season 2 Officially Coming In December

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Season 2 Officially Coming In December

Cold Iron Studios, based in San Jose, was headed by three industry veterans. The development team has now grown and the team has set its focus on Aliens: Fireteam Elite. Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a third person shooter set in the Aliens universe. Cold Iron Studios has now announced that season 2 of Aliens: Fireteam Elite will launch on December 14th. The new season will be available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam.

Aliens Fireteam Elite

The developers will introduce a new game mode into Season 2, Point Defense. Point Defense is a fast-paced alternative Horde mode where players must protect, repair and hold three different points. Players will continuously be attacked by aliens and must survive through the waves while holding these three points. Are you ready to strategize?

Through the game, players will earn Fabrication Points and can use them to purchase new consumables. Furthermore, top tier players can unlock up to twenty rewards by completing different difficulties.

Additionally, Season 2: Point Defense will feature a ton of free content besides the new game mode such as lifetime stats, new challenge cards and new weapons, attachments and cosmetics. Players can unlock the weapons, attachments and cosmetics via the in-game store or from playing through Point Defense.

Finally, the developers will release the second Endeavor DLC pack, the Nostromo Salvage Pack.

Fans who want to try out Aliens: Fireteam Elite can purchase the game plus its four DLCs at the price of $69.99USD, while the Standard Edition costs $39.99USD. Players can also get the Endeavor Pass Cosmetic DLC individually for $9.99USD.

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SOURCE: Press Release