Newest Pokémon Game Has a Funny Naming Glitch

Though It Only Happens During a Special Set of Circumstances

Glitches happen when it comes to new games. It’s a given. We’ve seen that with Amazon’s MMO New World with its various problems; we’ve seen this with Far Cry 6, and the weapon’s recoil. They’re usually fixed pretty quickly, thanks to the internet. These glitches can give advantages, and disadvantages to players, depending on what they are. And some glitches don’t do anything but add to the experience. Or, they can at least add to the confusion.

Pokemon brillant diamond and shining pearl

That’s what’s been happening with the latest Pokémon games, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. While there had been other glitches, this one is kind of funny and a little weird. From reports from various players on Twitter, evolving Pokemon will temporarily have new names.

One Twitter user, going by the name of glitchsaur posted a short clip of their Gabite evolving to a Garchomp. And when that happened, the Garchomp was temporarily lost the name “girlboss” and was replaced with, of all names, “mike”. It went back to “girlboss” in the same window of time though, meaning no harm done, just confusion.

This wouldn’t be the last time that this happens though. A Twitch streamer going by the name of Tony Daddi encountered this bug too and was quick to confirm that the Pokemon’s original name had not been taken away in the Pokedex. Again, the pokemon’s nickname had just been weirdly replaced for that one moment. And it’s not simply centered on one particular evolution, as this time it was a Lickitung evolving into a Lickilicky.

Thankfully, while the glitch can also change an unnamed Pokemon’s name during the evolution into Japanese Hiragana, the glitch is pretty harmless as glitches go. There’s no game crashing, the names change back, and nothing is lost, nor gained.

Which still makes Pokemon’s Brillant Diamond and Shining Pearl worth playing.

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