Halo Live-Action TV Series Gets a Master Chief Teaser

Was There Other Halo News Today?

Today is a big day for fans of Xbox and Halo. The big 2-0. Happy Birthday, Xbox. Happy Birthday, Halo. Also! If you have not been on Twitter or any social media platforms, multiplayer for Halo Infinite has (not so) surprised launched! That’s not all for Halo fans though.

Let’s not forget about the other mediums that Halo will be covering. The live-action Halo series will be debuting next year and in celebration of Halo’s birthday, we got an itty bitty Grunt-sized teaser, which is still like 6′ tall.

Halo Infinite multiplayer surprise launch

Paramount+ released a short teaser featuring our boy, Master Chief. We see his back all scarred up, either from battle, training, or the experiments he underwent to become the perfect soldier. We also see his Mjolnir armor from various angles, including a shot of him putting his helmet on, careful to not reveal his face.

Then we hear the waifu; Cortana. “Hello, Master Chief”, likely the first time the two are meeting. We should note a couple of things about Master Chief’s armor, what little we see of it. We see his unit number, the legendary 117, embossed on his armor, which has not been a look used by the games until Halo Infinite. The helmet we see him wearing also appears to be the Mark VI helmet that we see in Halo 2 and Halo 3.

The wardrobe of a TV show often gets updated, season to season, especially in CW superhero shows, but if Master Chief’s armor is up to date with the games, we might not see that same kind of visual transformation. There is still no solid release date for this show, but the Halo TV series is expected to debut sometime in 2022 on Paramount+.

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