Gaming Industry in Europe May Have to Change to Keep Their Employees

European Survey of Games Industry Professionals Paints Interesting Future of Gaming Industry

The results of a survey taken in October 2021 by Amiqus in Europe have come out today, with startling results. The survey, which surveyed over 400 professionals in the gaming industry (428 if to be exact), asked their reactions to the pandemic shift, and what they need so they will not switch careers to another career sector. What they told Amiqus, which is a games industry recruitment agency, is that while the shift to remote work was startling.

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But the benefits of doing remote work were also startling. 82 percent of workers admitted that their productivity levels, instead of going down, either stayed the same or even increased from working at home. Many also commented that they were able to save money (and likely a lot of stress) from not having to commute for work, having a greater work-life balance, and being able to spend more time with their family, among other benefits. Nearly sixty percent of those who started to work remotely are still doing so, while 15 percent are working under the hybrid home and office work model and thirteen percent are working in the office full time.

The interesting crux of this is because game industry professionals know what it’s like, and enjoy the above benefits, they would not consider a position in the future if there was not any remote work possible. About 41 percent of workers were firm on this stance, while only thirty-two percent would even consider the possible position. This could mean that the Games Industry, in general, has to keep this in mind if they want to recruit, or even keep their employees, as seventy-nine of the professionals surveyed- nearly eighty percent- are considering a career switch, as their workplace lacks their ideal working conditions.  If that happens, we could lose the future of Alan Wake, the possibility of a Death loop follow-up or DLC, anything remotely Detroit: Become Human, or having Horizon: Forbidden West canceled, to name a few possibilities. While there are plenty of games that are made in North America and in Asia, we can’t forget about the European games that we are blessed with, both big and small.

Amiqus’ Business Manager Liz Prince has this, amongst other things to say on the matter of keeping gaming professionals in the same industry: “Offering a fully remote option is the only way to maintain the widest possible talent attraction strategy…We recognize that for some studios and other companies, full remote working for their staff may present some challenges. But, from our experience and the outcomes of the survey, it’s clear that these are challenges that are worth working on to rethink our workplaces and working models from the ground up, to help to retain and attract the best and most diverse team for your studio.”

This survey may have been only in Europe, but this could apply to other gaming industries worldwide.

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