Dauntless Reveals Stunning Action and Visuals in New Trailer

Major Updates to Monster Slaying

Phoenix Labs developed, monster slaying, role-playing game Dauntless has announced its leap to next-gen consoles with a new trailer.

The trailer, released earlier this afternoon, transports the viewer back to the Floating Isles with a montage of action sequences. The sequences feature characters combatting different monsters, soaring above the Isles and more before the big reveal: “Dauntless is coming to next gen!”

dauntless feature

Next the trailer begins to share the features that are coming to next gen consoles. Boasting everything from stunning 4k-Resolution to updated textures and shorter loading times. The trailer used combat scenes, as well as scenes of the environment, to demonstrate the features of the next-gen updates. From the combat, to items, to textures, everything is getting a make-over.

In a rundown from their website Phoenix Labs also highlights that the next-gen updates will feature cross-progression. This means players will not need to restart their characters once they upgrade their consoles.

“True cross-progression means that your progress carries over across all platforms you play on,” says the Dauntless team in the rundown.

In addition to cross-progression between base consoles and their upgrades, the launch to next-gen will also feature full support across seven platforms. So you can slay behemoths on almost anything.

The updates are expected to go live for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X on December 2nd. With the launch the Floating Isles will get a make-over and be looking better and running smoother than ever. Players can hunt monsters and look even better doing it.

Dauntless is free-to-play on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. It can be found on PC in the Epic Games store.