Metroid Dread Now Playable on PC (With Emulation)

Isn’t Technology Wonderful?

Not even one week. Metroid Dread hasn’t even existed for a week, and it’s already been fully emulated on PC. Nintendo’s first-party titles are the main selling point for the company’s consoles, offering players a wide swath of exclusive games coming out on a regular basis. Exclusivity like that is a major factor contributing to the brand’s unique identity (Playstation and Xbox game libraries have a lot more overlap, for instance), but like with all exclusive products, somebody somewhere will try to break down that barrier. And with a release as big as Metroid Dread, a lot of eyes have been looking for ways to play the game on PC.

I think you know what happens next.

There are a few advantages to playing something on PC instead of a console. The Switch’s built-in screen only allows for 720p resolution, only going up to 1080p if you dock it and play on the TV. But PCs are capable of going much higher, depending on what hardware you have available. A 4k Metroid Dread experience isn’t out of the question, it just takes a bit of know-how and a fundamental disrespect for Nintendo’s platform exclusivity policies. The emulation isn’t perfect though (some players have reported stuttering on one emulation platform), so mileage may vary.

Metroid Dread is the latest installment of a series that hasn’t seen a formal entry since 2010. There was a remake and a spin-off, but those didn’t quite scratch the itch that Metriod fans were looking for. The game’s existence is a sign that Nintendo is looking to bring more old franchises back into the spotlight, and considering how well-liked Dread is, such endeavors bode well. Another Metroid title could be brought onto the Switch, and of course we have the ever-mysterious Metroid Prime 4. The future is looking bright for Metroid fans, and with any luck, fans of other old franchises could get a taste of that pie.